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New Features - General Overview

& Fully Responsive

Microsoft will rip out the rest of that dead (or dying) Silverlight interface, and start replacing it with HTML5 compliant pages. We can also hope that they will also rip out the reminder of the table soup from the Publishing pages while in “Edit Mode”. JQ is still not shipped with SP2013, but I believe 2016 will finally concede and Microsoft will throw their weight behind the jQuery initiative.

Parallax Effect

This means the JQuary engins will be able to mange the current boot strap and Parallax Efects!

Style Options

"• A new rich text editor. "This one has snazzy icons," notes SP 2016 program manager, Bitsy Optimist, "so it works just like Word." Optimist promises that editors can publish new pages in less than nine clicks

Interface Design
Better Interface

We will continue to see the square flat look evolve. We will see less clutter in the interface. In other words, more good things to come....We will see a responsive design meshed in with a workstation/full screen view. We will also see technologies switch to more AJAXy delayed/lazy loading architecture that has the program bring up only the data that is needed.....

Better design for Channels

THe new systems well support more advanced intagration with channels for all the differnt divices on the market now as well as a contenued support for all core browsers.

Styled Content

Yes the mobile market and tablets are becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives. This also means these devices are gaining popularity in the commercial world. SharePoint will likely have more mobile features, including a true responsive interface, scaled down page views, and a UI that will be further redesigned for a touch interface.!